EMS offers two WindowsTM software packages that complement our field-service work plus one freeware package:

MeasTools iconNEW!

MeasTools99Ó is full-featured coordinate measuring software for use with all Leica TDM5000 series theodolites. It works with point, line, plane, cylinder and sphere features, combines them to create local coordinate frames, and allows automated measurements using a CCD video sensor.  Click here for more information on MeasTools99.

Additional antenna analysis functions can be performed by using AnTools as a measurement post-processor. 

AnTools Icon

AnToolsÓ is a reflector antenna analysis software tool. It uses measured or theoretical surface and position coordinates of the antenna components (primary, subreflector and feed) to derive performance results and optimization information in both tabular and graphical forms. Click here for more information on AnTools.

Input data for AnTools can come from MeasTools (see above) or other coordinate measurement or simulation systems. 

alignment template

EMS wrote custom reflector alignment software for the rotating reflector alignment template used in the initial alignment of the 6-meter radio telescopes for the Submillimeter Array.

Math Fact Icon

FREE FOR KIDS!"Charlie's Mad Minute of Math Facts" helps elementary school students learn their Math Facts...addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. User's can select the difficulty level and math operation, or run mixed problems. A timer up to 60 seconds can be set to encourage students to improve their personal best.

Contact EMS and we'll email you a free copy of "...Math Facts". 

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