Measurement Equipment

In doing field measurement work, we select the appropriate measurement tools for the job at hand. Among the tools used in field work are triangulating theodolite systems, total station theodolites, laser trackers, and photogrammetry. EMS owns a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled total station theodolite as shown below, as well as a variety of targets and calibration equipment.

Leica TDM-50005

This Leica motorized total station theodolite can track a target and take more than 15 XYZ coordinate measurements per minute. It can measure vertical and horizontal angles better than 1 arc second and uses state-of-the-art EDM technology to measure distance.

It can be visually fine-tuned to a cross-hair target or placed into tracking mode to automatically home in on or track the target. It can be set up as a fully automated measurement system for some applications.

The accuracy features are enhanced by the use of real-time calibration against Invar scale bars, and spherically mounted corner-cube retroreflectors.

See current work for information on EMS' new automated measurement system which replaces the traditional eyepiece with a video sensor head.  The system self-centers on the target's video image.

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